I miss the days of mix tapes/CDs. I used to very much love sharing music with friends that they might not be aware of and them turning me on to great music that I hadn’t heard yet. So with that in mind I’ve started a playlist series on Spotify called Have You Heard This? Basically I’m just trying to highlight some music that I think is interesting and cool that many may not have heard. Some of it forgotten and obscure, some of it just overlooked, but none of it is anything you’re heard way too much of. Just music that I think is beautiful and hopefully you’ll enjoy some, or most, or all of it as well! And yes, I may occasionally throw in a LRG or Eileen Rose affiliated track because, well, because I can and in most cases these are also track that are not widely known. Anyway here’s the links to the playlists I’ve created so far, and I will keep updating and adding more playlists as I create them. Ok then, here you go, enjoy the music!